Welcome to The Far Edge of Nowhere

Welcome visitor to my little corner of the internet. It may not be much but its what I call home.

Here you will find, eventually, insights into my psyche in the form of my personal blog. Along with my views on many classic (and possibly new) films, TV, games, books, food & music. My tastes are quite varied so you never know what I may cover.

I plan to create some video content also, which I shall endeavour to post here at a later date.

There will also be a forum that I plan to use to allow people to leave feedback and for people to connect. Though my one request in using this feature is that people are civil, please don’t bring any divisive politics into the conversations, and if any are brought up, please acknowledge that some people have different viewpoints and don’t start any arguments.

But the main point of this site is to hopefully inform and entertain. So have fun.