My continuing journey in learning another language

As many who know me are aware, I have been learning Japanese for quite some time now, through various methods, with varying levels of success. I have now landed upon a system that seems to be working pretty well for me; Duolingo.

The methods that Duolingo uses seems to work really well for me, repeating a short set of words often enough to help them stick in memory varying the words to help cement the structure of forming sentences. Admittedly at the moment they are still simple sentences for the stage I am at. You can see my current progress here:

Obviously the time you read this I may of progressed further than I am currently. For reference, my progress is currently up to the point where I need to learn all 46 Hiragana, which is currently my sticking point. Some characters are easier to remember than others at the moment, but I’m sure that given time I should get the others down. It would be possible for me to skip this stage, however I think I would be doing myself a disservice.

I have forked out for the Duolingo plus plan, which unlocks the full capability of the app, removing annoying adds and giving unlimited hearts helping with stopping being locked out by making 5 mistakes. This is not sponsored by Duolingo (at least not at the moment 😉) but I heartily recommend giving it a look into if you want to start learning another language.

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